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Which players have made the most All-Star appearances in Braves history?

We go over who’s made the most All-Star Appearances in Braves history.

Atlanta Braves Outfielder Hank Aaron Holding Bat

The Atlanta Braves have seemingly been making history all year long on their romp through the NL, and they added to the list earlier this month — sending a franchise-record eight players to the All-Star Game. That’s obviously quite an accomplishment, even more so when you consider how long the team has been around (1871, if you go all the way back to their days as the Boston Red Stockings) and how many great players have worn that uniform over the years.

But it got us thinking about some other Braves All-Star history. Specifically: Which players have made the most All-Star appearances as Braves, whether in Atlanta, Milwaukee or Boston? To absolutely no one’s surprise, Henry Aaron tops the list — he owns the all-time Major League record with a whopping 21 nods. But where do other franchise legends like Eddie Mathews, Dale Murphy and Chipper Jones fall? What about newer stars like Ronald Acuna Jr.? The full list is below.

Most All-Star appearances in Braves history

Most All-Star appearances in Braves history

Player Appearances
Player Appearances
Henry Aaron 21
Warren Spahn 14
Eddie Mathews 9
Del Crandall 8
Tom Glavine 8
Chipper Jones 8
John Smoltz 8
Brian McCann 7
Dale Murphy 7
Greg Maddux 6
Freddie Freeman 5
Andruw Jones 5
Joe Torre 5
Ronald Acuna Jr. 4
Wally Berger 4
Craig Kimbrel 4
Johnny Logan 4
Phil Niekro 4
Ozzie Albies 3
Bob Elliott 3
Javy Lopez 3
Phil Masi 3
Fred McGriff 3
Felix Millan 3