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Claressa Shields vs. Maricela Cornejo: Live updates, round-by-round scoring, results

We break down pre-fight odds, provide round-by-round analysis, and get you the eventual result for Claeressa Shields vs. Maricela Cornejo

Claressa Shields v Savannah Marshall Photo by James Chance/Getty Images

Live results: Claressa Shields won via UD-10 over Marciela Cornejo (100-90, 100-90, 100-89)

This weekend Claressa Shields (13-0, 2 KO) defends her undisputed middleweight crown as she faces off with Maricela Cornejo (16-5, 6 KO) at the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan. The fight is scheduled for 10 rounds as the WBA, WBC, WBF, WBO and IBF women’s middleweight titles are on the line. Cornejo is a late replacement for Hanna Gabriels who was dropped from the fight due to a positive test result for a banned substance.

Shields-Cornejo will be streamed on DAZN. The main card is scheduled to be starting at 9 p.m. ET. Shields and Cornejo will make their way to the ring sometime after 11 p.m. depending on the length of the undercard fights.

Shields is in a category of her own, a two-time Olympic gold medalist along with an unbeaten professional record. In her last bout she outclassed Savannah Marshall, winning by way of unanimous decision. With Katie Taylor recently going down, Shields could enter the conversation as the world’s best pound-for-pound women’s fighter in the sport. The 28-year-old Flint native will fight in her hometown of Michigan, looking to put on a show and successfully defend her status as undisputed middleweight champion of the world.

Cornejo enters with nothing to lose and the distinction as the third best women’s middleweight fighter per ESPN. The 36-year-old stepped into the ring last March, winning by way of first-round TKO against Sheila Cunha. This is undoubtedly her biggest fight since a 2016 loss to Kali Reis, which was for the WBC middleweight title of the world. Cornejo will try to shock the world and take out Shields in tremendous upset fashion.

Shields comes into the bout as a big -4000 favorite while Cornjeo is a +1100 underdog, per Draftkings Sportsbook.

Join us below on fight night for live, round-by-round updates and more!

Claressa Shields vs. Maricela Cornejo round-by-round results

Round 1: Shields 10-9

Shields comes out aggressive, left hand and right hand connecting early. Overhand right hook lands for Shields. Cornejo absorbing most shots, but Shields coasting to a round 1 win.

Round 2: Shields 10-9 (Shields 20-18)

Shields in full control, one step ahead of Cornejo. Right hand smashes Cornejo in the face and she needs to throw some punches back. Another right hand delivered by Shields she’s pouring it on here. Crowd edging her on and Cornejo is in trouble.

Round 3: Shields 10-9 (Shields 30-27)

Cornejo showing some life here, but Shields landing the more impactful shots. That right hand is tagging Cornejo every time. Shields not slowing down and her volume is impressive. Shields all the way so far.

Round 4: Shields 10-9 (Shields 40-36)

Shields coasting for the first minute and she gets busy for the last. Right hand connects again. Now showboating along the ropes great head movement. The punch of the fight so far has been that straight right hand, Cornejo with no answer.

Round 5: Shields 10-9 (Shields 50-45)

Similar to the last round Shields saving energy and then pouring it on under a minute in the round. Strong right hand has Cornejo on her heels. She’s taking a beating but her chin is withstanding the flurries from Shields.

Round 6: Shields 10-9 (Shields 60-54)

Cornejo just not putting her hands up fast enough and Shields continue to tee off. Right hand from Shields followed by a left hook. A clinic is being put together tonight by Shields. Cornejo showing the heart of a challenger, but her bell is being rung a lot here.

Round 7: Shields 10-9 (Shields 70-63)

Cornejo trying to string together some momentum comes out firing for the first few seconds. But Shields just picks her off and has her reeling. Big right hand again for Shields and Cornejo stumbles backward. Another right hand this time Cornejo’s head snaps back. Shields hits here again as the bell rings, man Cornejo is eating a lot of powerful shots.

Round 8: Shields 10-9 (Shields 80-72)

Perhaps the first round that Shields slowed down a bit. Yet Cornejo not throwing enough on return. Shields strings together a combo as the bell rings, just enough to get yet another round.

Round 9: Shields 10-9 (Shields 90-81)

Shields in control taking her time within the first minute of the round and then pouring on shots over the last minute. This time a left hand connects and she sneaks in another punch before the bell dings.

Round 10: Shields 10-9 (Shields 100-90)

Shields taking her time and walking down Cornejo. Absolute domination from a big-time talent. She looks untouched and has once again waited until the second half of the round to turn it up a notch. Big flurry from Shields and Cornejo stuck to take all the punches.

MT scores it Shields by UD-10 100-90

Official score: Shields by UD-10 (100-89, 100-90, 100-90) over Cornejo