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Matt Fitzpatrick makes third hole-in-one of U.S. Open at No. 15, and doesn’t even watch it

Who doesn’t watch the ball when it’s on the green??

Matt Fitzpatrick of England \12during the first round of the 123rd U.S. Open Championship at The Los Angeles Country Club on June 15, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. Photo by Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

Even on a short Par 3, if I put a ball on the green. I’m at least watching it until it stops rolling. Because you never know when The Miracle might happen.

But then again I am not the famously-precise and U.S. Open defending champion Matt Fitzpatrick, who just hits a ball to a spot and casually picks up his tee. While the ball simply rolls in for an ace in a major.

It’s the first PGA TOUR recognized hole-in-one for Fitzy, who moves to red figures with the eagle.

It’s the third hole-in-one of the championship on the flip wedge Par 3, with Matthieu Pavon and Sam Burns dunking a pair yesterday. Yesterday played to 124 yards, and today the USGA tightened that up to 115. There are rumors it could play at merely 70ish yards later in the week with one of the toughest pin placements you can imagine on the boomerang-shaped green, and the risk-reward there could be something special.

But over the first two days, we’ve had a fun hole where anything is possible. The stroke average was 2.73 yesterday, much more fun than the 3.13 on the insane Par 3 No. 11.