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2023 NCAA Softball Super Regional Schedule for May 25-28

There are eight super regionals this weekend to determine who heads to Oklahoma City for the Women’s College World Series.


The Super Regionals for the 2023 NCAA Softball Tournament will take place this weekend, with the action running from Thursday through Sunday. 16 teams remain standing in the field and the eight winners from this weekend’s series will officially punch their tickets to the 2023 Women’s College World Series in Oklahoma City, OK, next weekend.

There were a few stunners coming out of the Regional round this past weekend, most notably No. 2 UCLA being bounced out of its own corner of the bracket. The Bruins were swept 0-2 and didn’t even reach the region final, allowing for San Diego State to eventually emerge victorious. We also saw Louisiana make the short trek to the Baton Rouge Regional and take out No. 10 LSU in both games of the region final to advance.

If a Game 3 is needed, a coin flip will determine the home team and who gets last at-bat.

NCAA Softball Super Regional Schedule for Thursday, May 25-28

No. 16 Clemson vs. No. 1 Oklahoma

Game 1: Clemson 2, Oklahoma 9
Game 2: Clemson 7, Oklahoma 8

Oklahoma advances to WCWS

No. 9 Stanford vs. No. 8 Duke

Game 1: Stanford 3, Duke 1,
Game 2: Stanford 7, Duke 2

Stanford advances to WCWS

No. 12 Northwestern vs. No. 5 Alabama

Game 1: Northwestern 3, Alabama 1
Game 2: Alabama 2, Northwestern 1
Game 3: Northwestern 2, Alabama 3

Alabama advances to WCWS

No. 13 Texas vs. No. 4 Tennessee

Game 1: Texas 2, Tennessee 5
Game 2: Tennessee 9, Texas 0

Tennessee advances to WCWS

No. 14 Georgia vs. No. 3 Florida State

Game 1: Georgia 1, Florida State 8
Game 2: Florida State 4, Georgia 2

Florida State advances to WCWS

Oregon vs. No. 6 Oklahoma State

Game 1: Oregon 1, Oklahoma State 8
Game 2: Oklahoma State 9, Oregon 0

Oregon advances to WCWS

Louisiana vs. No. 7 Washington

Game 1: Louisiana 0, Washington 8
Game 2: Washington 2, Louisiana 0

Washington advances to WCWS

San Diego State vs. No. 15 Utah

Game 1: San Diego State 4, Utah 3
Game 2: Utah 10, San Diego State 1
Game 3: Utah 7, San Diego State 2

Utah advances to WCWS