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Opening odds for each 2023 NFL Sunday Night Football matchup

The NFL has released its schedule. We’ve got a look at opening odds at DraftKings Sportsbook for Sunday Night Football

NFC Divisional Playoffs - Dallas Cowboys v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The NFL schedule has been released, and we now have the full picture of which games will be played in primetime. That includes Sunday Night Football, which will televise on NBC and stream on the Peacock app again for 2023.

There’s no shortage of big games on the Sunday Night Football docket, including early-season showdowns like the San Francisco 49ers vs Dallas Cowboys and Kansas City Chiefs vs. New York Jets.

Here’s a list of opening odds for each Sunday night game this season from DraftKings Sportsbook.

Sunday Night Football opening odds

Week 1: Cowboys at Giants

Point spread: Cowboys -2.5
Point total: 47
Moneyline: Cowboys +120, Giants +115

Week 2: Dolphins at Patriots

Point spread: Dolphins -1
Moneyline: Dolphins -115, Patriots -105

Week 3: Steelers at Raiders

Point spread: Raiders -1.5
Moneyline: Raiders -120, Steelers +100

Week 4: Chiefs at Jets

Point spread: Chiefs -1
Moneyline: Chiefs -115, Jets -105

Week 5: Cowboys at 49ers

Point spread: 49ers -2
Moneyline: 49ers -125, Cowboys +105

Week 6: Giants at Bills

Point spread: Bills -7
Moneyline: Bills -305, Giants +255

Week 7: Dolphins at Eagles

Point spread: Eagles -2.5
Moneyline: Eagles -135, Dolphins +115

Week 8: Bears at Chargers

Point spread: Chargers -5.5
Moneyline: Chargers -230, Bears +195

Week 9: Bills at Bengals

Point spread: Bengals -1
Moneyline: Bengals -115, Bills -105

Week 10: Jets at Raiders

Point spread: Jets -2.5
Moneyline: Jets -130, Raiders +110

Week 11: Vikings at Broncos

Point spread: Broncos -2
Moneyline: Broncos -125, Vikings +105

Week 12: Ravens at Chargers

Point spread: Chargers -2
Moneyline: Chargers -130. Ravens +110

Week 13: Chiefs at Packers

Point spread: Chiefs -5,5
Moneyline: Chiefs -225, Packers +190

Week 14: Eagles at Cowboys

Point spread: Cowboys -1
Moneyline: Cowboys -115, Eagles -105

Week 15: Ravens at Jaguars

Point spread: Jaguars -1
Moneyline: Jaguars -115, Ravens -105

Week 16: Bengals at Steelers

Point spread: Bengals -2.5
Moneyline: Bengals -110, Steelers +110

Week 17: Packers at Vikings

Point spread: Vikings -2.5
Moneyline: Vikings -110, Packers +110