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Grading the Commanders’ 2023 NFL Draft

The Commanders appear ready to play for the top pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Mississippi State Bulldogs defensive back Emmanuel Forbes (13) warms up before a game against the Alabama Crimson Tide at Bryant-Denny Stadium. Gary Cosby Jr.-USA TODAY Sports

The Commanders came into this draft as a team in transition. The longtime owner and all-around bad guy, Daniel Snyder, is in the process of becoming richer by selling the team, which likely means changes are on the way. But not yet.

The team is in desperate need of a quarterback, but it looks like they’ll forego that pick until next year’s draft when they’ll likely have a better pick in draft with better quarterbacks.

Commanders picks

Round 1: No. 16: Emmanuel Forbes, CB, Mississippi State
Round 2: No. 47: Jartavius Martin, CB, Illinois
Round 3: No. 97 — Ricky Stromberg, C, Arkansas
Round 4: No. 118 — Braeden Daniels, OG, Utah
Round 5: No. 137 (from Cardinals through Bills) — KJ Henry, DE, Clemson
Round 6: No. 193 — Chris Rodriguez, RB, Kentucky
Round 7: No. 233: Andre Jones Jr., EDGE, Louisiana

Grade: C

Washington went all in on trying to fill some basic needs, but didn’t exactly blow the draft away with those picks.

Did Commanders fill needs?

The Commanders needed quarterback, offensive line and cornerback. With their first four picks they grabbed two cornerbacks and two offensive linemen. They likely should have waited on cornerback, which was deeper than offensive line, but they waited until Round 3 to work on the line.

Their first pick, CB Emmanuel Forbes, is just too small to be taken this early. He has great ability, but the NFL is a different beast. They did make decent picks at OL despite waiting, but at that point there are flaws that will need to be overcome with both picks.

Fantasy prospects?

Washington only took one offensive specialist position and it was running back in the sixth round, Chris Rodriguez from Kentucky. Rodriquez is a bruiser who should help in spots, but he’s not a long-term fantasy prospect.

Best pick?

Fourth round OG Braeden Daniels has upside to develop into a solid starter with positional flexibility. He’ll need some coaching up, but the tenacity, build and the athleticism are all there.