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Changes to Par 3 Course at Augusta National for 2023

The club has made significant changes to one of the most beloved courses in the world. We take a look at what will be different in 2023.

2019 Masters Photo by Augusta National via Getty Images

The Par 3 Course at Augusta National Golf Club saw some changes in the past year. A nine-hole course that was originally built 65 years ago, the Par 3 Course rests in the northeast corner of the club’s property.

This year, the first five holes saw a renovation that included moving tee boxes and greens, and the directions of several of the holes shifted or changed entirely. The east-west second hole now runs north-south, while the north-south first hole shifted northeast near DeSoto Springs Pond.

The new length is 1,115 yards, just 55 yards longer than the previous iteration. But bringing more of the pond into play is what truly increases the challenge.

New grasses on the greens were put in along with the rerouted holes, and trees were removed to increase room for patrons and viewers. The Par 3 Course hosts the annual Par 3 Contest on the Wednesday before the Masters each year as golfers invite children and family members to caddie for them. No Par 3 winner has ever gone on to win the Masters in the same year.