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2023 Masters Tournament: What is the Par 3 contest?

The Par 3 contest will be held the day before The Masters officially gets started. We break down what it’s all about.

2019 Masters Photo by Augusta National via Getty Images

Before the Masters begins in all its high-stakes pretense, Augusta National Golf Club will host the Par 3 Contest on Wednesday, April 5. A light-hearted family event that precedes the tournament, the Par 3 contest invites former champions, both participating and non-participating, as well as golfers from the current year’s field to play nine holes at the Par 3 course also on the grounds of Augusta National Golf Club.

And while it’s long been considered as one of the most beautiful courses in the world, the Par 3 has undergone significant changes since last year’s contest. Big changes to the first five holes will be tested for the first time.

The golfers often invite parents, wives, girlfriends, and children to be their caddies for the event, even occasionally inviting their caddies and guests to hit a shot or two in the tournament. And the image of little ones toddling around in their all-white caddie uniforms is absolutely adorable, while sometimes one of the kids even sticks it in the hole.

The current reigning champs of the contest are Mike Weir and Mackenzie Hughes. No Par 3 Contest winner has ever gone on to win the Masters in the same year, so a win is considered to be something of a curse. The 2023 Par 3 contest will be available to watch on ESPN at 3:00 p.m. ET on Wednesday.