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Grading the Chargers’ 2023 NFL Draft

We grade the Los Angeles Chargers’ selections in the 2023 NFL Draft and assess the fantasy impact.

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Chargers v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

The 2023 NFL Draft has wrapped up as the Los Angeles Chargers continue to build their team around quarterback Justin Herbert, starting with a first-round wide receiver selection.

We break down the Chargers’ draft class and assess the potential impact on fantasy football in the coming season.

Chargers picks

Round 1: No. 21 overall: Quentin Johnston, WR, TCU
Round 2: No. 54: Tuli Tuipulotu, DE, USC
Round 3: No. 85 — Daiyan Henley, LB, Washington State
Round 4: No. 125 — Derius Davis, WR, TCU
Round 5: No. 156 — Jordan McFadden, OG, Clemson
Round 6: No. 200 — Scott Matlock, DT, Boise State
Round 7: No. 239 — Max Duggan, QB, TCU

Grade: C

Johnston may not have been the right first pick for them. He has a lot of good raw traits, but needs some real development before he can become a consistent big target for Herbert when you want your first round picks to be ready to go. However, they did need a receiver to add as an investment into the team’s future. They added some extra depth in the pass rush, which will help next year’s backfield penetration. Henley and Davis will be good special teams additions.

Did Chargers fill needs?

They missed chances to fill in their interior defensive line and to grab a new tight end with a blocking specialty. However, they did grab a much-needed receiver (even if it may not have been the right receiver) and a solid edge rusher. They filled a few of their needs, and the front office and coaches clearly had their own priorities to consider.

Fantasy prospects?

Johnston is the biggest fantasy prospect, especially with how injury-prone the current Chargers receiving corps is. Duggan likely won’t see much playing time this year, but if he does, you can bet he’ll be connecting with his former teammate.

Best pick?

Henley is a very solid developmental pick at linebacker. He will make an automatic impact on special teams and could start fitting into the rotation at LB as early as this year. He has plenty of room for growth with the Chargers and could end up being an excellent longer-term investment.