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When is the 2023 NBA play-in tournament?

We go over key dates for the play-in tournament prior to the start of the 2023 NBA playoffs.

Los Angeles Lakers forwards Anthony Davis (3) and LeBron James (6) signal to teammates against the Houston Rockets during the third quarter at Toyota Center. Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a wild 2023 NBA season and it will be coming to a close shortly. The 2023 NBA play-in tournament will begin in just over a week with the 7-10 seeds in each conference battling it out for the final two spots in the NBA playoffs.

The No. 7 and No. 8 seed is the first matchup while the No. 9 seed and No. 10 seed follow. The winner of the first matchup advances as the No. 7 seed. The loser gets another opportunity as they play the winner of the No. 9 seed and No. 10 seed. While the play-in gives the final four seeds a shot because of how tight the playoff races were in previous years, the No. 9 seed or No. 10 seed don't have it easy as they must win two games to advance as the No. 8 seed. I think this is great for the NBA and they should continue this in the future.

2023 NBA play-in tournament

Date: April 11-14

The NBA playoff race is as tight as it’s been all year. Heading into the final week of the regular season, the Eastern Conference play-in is currently the No. 7 Miami Heat vs. No. 8 Atlanta Hawks and No. 9 Toronto Raptors vs. No. 10 Chicago Bulls. The Orlando Magic are the only team out which still has a chance.

The Western Conference is as tight as we’ve seen in a while. The current matchups are the No. 7 Los Angeles Lakers vs. No. 8 New Orleans Pelicans and the No. 9 Minnesota Timberwolves vs No. 10 Oklahoma City Thunder. The Dallas Mavericks and Utah Jazz are just one game back of the final spot of the play-in. The final week will be a tight race.