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Masters Tournament 2023: How much is a Masters badge? Ticket prices at Augusta National

It’s one of the most valuable tickets in sports anywhere in the world. Here’s how much one will cost you this year.

The Masters - Previews Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images

The 87th Masters tees off this week from Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia for a tradition unlike any other. A select group of fans will have access to the grounds of the tournament, though they won’t be allowed to bring in cell phones, laptops, or most electronics. There are approximately 40,000 patrons who go to the Masters each year, while television viewers count in the millions. How do they do it?

How do you get a ticket to The Masters?

Tickets to Augusta are available through an annual online lottery that awards a limited number of people the right to buy tickets for different rounds and practice rounds. If you don’t get selected in the lottery, you can check on ticket resale sites to buy on the open market, but be warned — these single-day passes can go for more than Super Bowl tickets, and a week’s badge might even get up into five digits on the resale market.

On the Masters site, single-day passes go for $140 for the tournament days and $100 for practice rounds. On resale ticket sites, you’re looking at the $1000-plus range for single-day passes to the tournament days. As of the Sunday ahead of the 2023 tournament, tickets for Thursday alone are going for upwards of $2500 on StubHub, with four-day passes going for $11,000.

And this isn’t the only cost — local hotels, AirBnBs, and flights see prices spike in the days surrounding the Masters, as could be expected. So if you want to go to Augusta, you may need to be prepared to shell out for the week.

Augusta National members also have the opportunity to buy tickets without entering the lottery. Members can essentially rent out their patron badges as single-day tickets.