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Complete order for round 7 of the 2023 NFL Draft

We take a look at the 2023 NFL Draft order for the seventh round.

2023 NFL Draft - Rounds 2-3 Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

The 2023 NFL Draft will finish up with the seventh round on Saturday, April 29. Many of the players selected in this round won’t make the roster this fall, while others may go on to have a productive NFL career as teams look to land a valuable steal in Round 7.

The 2023 NFL Draft has been highlighted by the quarterback position as many are with three QBs going inside the top four. Will Levis unexpectedly fell out of the first round but was selected early in Round 2 when the Tennessee Titans traded up for him.

The Chicago Bears will open the seven round with the Mr. Irrelevant pick coming from the Houston Texans to close out the draft. There will be 42 picks in the final round.

The San Francisco 49ers and Philadelphia Eagles both have three picks in the final round. Other franchises with multiple draft choices include the Bears, Las Vegas Raiders, Indianapolis Colts, Atlanta Falcons, Jacksonville Jaguars, New Orleans Saints, Green Bay Packers, Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Giants.

2023 NFL Draft order, round 7

Round Pick Team Player Position School
Round Pick Team Player Position School
7 218 Chicago Bears Travis Bell DL Kennesaw State
7 219 Detroit Lions (via PHI) Antoine Green WR North Carolina
7 220 New York Jets (via LV) Zach Kuntz TE Old Dominion
7 221 Indianapolis Colts Jaylon Jones CB Texas A&M
7 222 Minnesota Vikings (via SF) DeWayne McBride RB UAB
7 223 Los Angeles Rams Ethan Evans P Wingate
7 224 Atlanta Falcons DeMarcco Heallms S Alabama
7 225 Atlanta Falcons Jovaughn Gwyn G South Carolina
7 226 Jacksonville Jaguars Cooper Hodges G Appalachian State
7 227 Jacksonville Jaguars (via NO) Raymond Vohasek DT North Carolina
7 228 Tennessee Titans Colton Dowell WR UT Martin
7 229 Cleveland Browns Andrew Vorhees G USC
7 230 Buffalo Bills (via HOU) Nick Broeker G Ole Miss
7 231 Las Vegas Raiders Nesta Jade Silvera DT Arizona State
7 232 Green Bay Packers Carrington Valentine CB Kentucky
7 233 Washington Commanders Andre Jones LB Louisiana
7 234 Los Angeles Rams Jason Taylor II S Oklahoma State
7 235 Green Bay Packers Lew Nichols II RB Central Michigan
7 236 Indianapolis Colts Jake Witt OT Northern Michigan
7 237 Seattle Seahawks Kenny McIntosh RB Georgia
7 238 Miami Dolphins Ryan Hayes OT Michigan
7 239 Los Angeles Chargers Max Duggan QB TCU
7 240 Jacksonville Jaguars (via NYG) Derek Parish FB Houston
7 241 Pittsburgh Steelers Cory Trice CB Purdue
7 242 Green Bay Packers Anthony Johnson Jr S Iowa State
7 243 New York Giants Jordan Riley DL Oregon
7 244 Dallas Cowboys Jalen Brooks WR South Carolina
7 245 New England Patriots Isaiah Bolden CB Jackson State
7 246 Cincinnati Bengals DJ Ivey CB Miami
7 247 San Francisco 49ers Brayden Willis TE Oklahoma
7 248 Houston Texans (via PHI) Brandon Hill S Pittsburgh
7 249 Philadelphia Eagles (via DET) Moro Ojomo DL Texas
7 250 Kansas City Chiefs Nic Jones CB Ball State
7 251 Pittsburgh Steelers Spencer Anderson OT Maryland
7 252 Buffalo Bills (via LAR) Alex Austin CB Oregon State
7 253 San Francisco 49ers Ronnie Bell WR Michigan
7 254 New York Giants Gervarrius Owens S Houston
7 255 San Francisco 49ers Jalen Graham LB Purdue
7 256 Green Bay Packers Grant DuBose WR Charlotte
7 257 Denver Broncos (via NO) Alex Forsyth OL Oregon
7 258 Chicago Bears Kendall Williamson S Stanford
7 259 Los Angeles Rams (via HOU) Desjuan Johnson DT Toledo