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Why did Will Levis fall out of the first round?

The Kentucky QB will need to return to Kansas City for Day 2 if he wants to shake hands on stage with Roger Goodell.

Quarterback Will Levis of Kentucky speaks to the media during the NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium on March 3, 2023 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

For most of the 2023 NFL Draft process, Will Levis was considered one of the top quarterbacks in the class. If he wasn’t going to be picked by the fifth selection, he was a shoo-in as a top-10 selection at worst.

So how’d we get here? Why is the former Kentucky signal caller now out of the first round?

Well there could be a few reasons. ESPN’s Chris Mortensen says an injury that kept him out of a couple games this season might be the reason.

But maybe there’s something more going on here. It’s been no secret that Levis hasn’t exactly nailed the post-collegiate draft process. He’s been pointed out as an example of everything you shouldn’t do from the combine and forward.

Or maybe it’s about the blatant culinary crimes he will be committing in whichever team cafeteria he is assigned.

Or maybe teams feel like if you’re afraid of a carton of 2%, a 6’6” defensive end with 4.4 speed could be a serious problem.

The NFL Draft is a murky process, involving both analytics but also a big dose of feel from scouting and player personnel departments. But a guy that checks in at 6’4”, 229 lbs. and can throw the ball through a cement wall and appears to have the body fat of a statue would normally be a top choice.

And it’s not like accuracy issues or game film has kept every genetically gifted QB from being selected. The only explanation is that teams just have too many negatives to risk using their choice on a player that’s got some holes on-and-off the field. Levis threw for 5,232 yards in two seasons at Kentucky with 43 touchdowns, but also had 23 interceptions. His 17 rushing TD’s show his ability as a big body to score in goal line situations as well.

Something is keeping Will Levis from his projected heights as a draft pick. The only question now is how far will he fall.