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Will Aaron Rodgers get traded before the draft?

Is Rodgers headed to the Jets, staying with the Packers, or going somewhere else? We take a look at trade rumors.

Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

As the 2023 NFL Draft approaches, the Green Bay Packers and New York Jets have find themselves up in the air with their quarterback situation. Is Aaron Rodgers staying or going? Let’s take a look at the latest trade rumors heading into draft week.

Will Aaron Rodgers be traded during draft week?

The Jets and Packers have restarted talks on a potential Rodgers trade after weeks of silence, per NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport. As both teams prepare to draft and sign their rookie classes, the QB question is more prevalent than ever. The clock is ticking toward Friday, the two teams’ self-imposed deadline, which would allow the Jets to trade over their 2023 second-round draft picks as part of the deal.

With Rodgers approaching 40 and his contract coming to an end, he may only have a season or two left in the NFL. The Jets won’t want to trade away future picks after this year’s draft wraps up and risk sacrificing the next few years of incoming rookies for a single-year QB.

And then there are the rumors that the San Francisco 49ers may be in talks with the Packers about a Rodgers trade, but those are just that — rumors. Largely unfounded in any real talks, the Niners would need to be willing to pay a pretty penny for Rodgers after the quarterback stated that he intends to play for the Jets.

Is there any chance Aaron Rodgers stays in Green Bay?

If the Jets don’t work out a deal by Friday, that could certainly be the case. Rodgers has a $60 million guaranteed compensation package, which is a steep price for any NFL team’s cap. If they don’t get it worked out this week, we can expect the talks between these two teams to be dragged out for a lot longer.

It appears that the Jets and the Packers are each hoping to work something out this week. With Rodgers on board for the trade, New York will likely be looking for Green Bay to sign over some conditional future draft picks to safeguard them from the very real possibility that Rodgers leaves after a year, when his current contract is up.