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‘Yellowjackets’ S2E5 review: Sometimes you bring things back with you beyond explanation

As adult Taissa and Van hash things out, more mysteries about her shadow continue and Natalie makes a frightful discovery.

Kailey Schwerman/SHOWTIME

Before we begin, actress Tawny Cypress said in an interview with TV Insider that we should pay attention to. When they returned from the wilderness, young Taissa and Van still had some semblance of a relationship. But for some reason, it all fell apart. Sometimes, your first love is a candle in the wild. However, there’s a reason why this other side of adult Taissa is seeking adult Van out. Flashbacks to 1996 indicate young Van has some understanding of what is happening inside Tai. It all circles back to Akilah and Taissa's conversation about superstition and rituals. Sure, Akilah’s team lost most of the games – but it’s a risk of not doing the pre-game ceremony that gives a feeling of euphoria.

Since young Taissa has been attending Lottie’s morning meditations – the sleepwalking hasn’t happened. Perhaps you can chalk it up to being relaxed overall, but it does count for something. Remember, Taissa was a holdout in all of Lottie’s wilderness mumbo jumbo. Now, it seems like she’s bought it, with young Shauna and Natalie being skeptical. This aspect of ritual also translates to the element of control and who has it.

Kailey Schwerman/SHOWTIME

You could look at all the buffers adult Lottie has put in place to keep this going – the wellness center, her affirmations, and the scheduled visits to the psychiatrist. However, this is beginning to fall like a house of cards. She and adult Taissa need an anchor to hold on to. As far as we know, Van is just living her life as a throwback VHS rental store owner – even if it’s fallen on hard times. Is it fair for Taissa just to come barrelling back into her life? No, not at all. Van expresses how upset she is at the prospect. But there’s a link between the two that can’t seemingly be broken.

Regarding the “other one” (who Van knows), Fugue Taissa mentions they aren’t supposed to be here. So, it appears that the surviving women are at least making their way back together somehow. Speaking of duality, adult Natalie expresses this with her on-again, off-again relationship with Travis. In 1996, their relationship soured immensely. You can’t lie to say somebody’s brother is dead and then make false proof. It’s all based on young Natalie’s rigidness in rationality. How can a young teenager survive the winter all by himself? It doesn’t feel right.

When adult Natalie has the meditation with adult Lottie, we get to see the substance of the note Travis left before he died. As Natalie overdosed in that hotel room, she sees the antler queen and confesses they have brought something back with them. The transposition of the younger version of Natalie laying on adult Lottie was beautifully done. It’s a full circle moment when Natalie finally comes to peace with something greater than herself. Unfortunately, this confirms Lottie’s most profound and darkest fears as she sees the queen's reflection. Is that her and this “side” of her trying to come out?

Meanwhile, in Swiss Crime Family Robinson land, Callie realizes she’s dating Detective Saracusa due to an untimely bathroom visit and a check. It’s where she attempts to throw him off the scent of the affair and says Shauna has been hooking up with Randy (poor Randy). In one of the funnier scenarios of this season, we get to see Shauna’s crafty mind go into overdrive and construct this awkward scene with Randy. Now, this is not foolproof because of some hotel lotion. Saracusa is all in on cracking this case, but somebody should tell him dating a high school student will probably come back and bite him.

The duality of Shauna’s temperament gets another jolt within “Two Truths and a Lie” as it grows close to her due date in the wilderness. She’s scared because her friends are buying into this supernaturalness, with young Lottie eagerly anticipating her baby boy’s arrival. Let’s not forget that she’s still a teenager. Not only does she have to worry about surviving, but the baby isn’t coming in the ideal circumstances. Her going into labor is the parting line the episode ends with.

Kailey Schwerman/SHOWTIME

Lastly, let’s talk about Misty for a little bit. Firstly, who would want to invite Dr. Jack Kevorkian to a sleepover? Misty will! Too bad for Crystal because young Misty may have divulged too much information to her. Thus, this angry side emerges, and Crystal is pushed off a cliff. Now, it’s a little coincidental to me that Crystal’s death and Shauna’s water breaking happened simultaneously (I could be overanalyzing things). However, it ties in with her inability to consider Walter as a Clyde to her Bonnie.

Adult Misty’s identity is wrapped up in keeping tabs with the remaining Yellowjackets. In doing so, she cannot see that Walter is one step ahead of her and Lottie’s new life. It scares Misty so profoundly that she discards Walter and immediately tethers herself to the fact that Natalie is lying. Now we have three Yellowjackets at the compound and two possibly on the way. In the meantime, the 1996 timeline is about to get much dicier with keeping young Shauna alive through labor.

Breathe In, Breathe Out

  1. Javi speaks! Well, only for a moment. So, why did “she” not tell him to come back to the cabin, and what was the drawing that Ben was looking at?
  2. I hope Akilah’s mouse friend makes it through, but Mari is inching closer to accidentally discovering it.
  3. Misty is in shock, but the “Staying Alive" CPR technique will not revive someone falling off a cliff. What is going to happen to Crystal’s body?

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