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Mikaela Mayer vs. Lucy Wildheart: Live updates, round-by-round scoring, winner

We break down pre-fight odds, provide round-by-round analysis, and get you the eventual result for Mikaela Mayer-Lucy Wildheart.

Mikaela Mayer reacts after defeat in the IBF, IBO, WBC and WBO Super Featherweight World Title fight between Mikaela Mayer and Alycia Baumgardner on the Shields vs Marshall Boxxer fight night which is the first women’s only boxing card in the UK at The O2 Arena on October 15, 2022 in London, England. Photo by James Chance/Getty Images

Results: Mayer wins by unanimous decision (98-92, 100-90, 98-91) over Lucy Wildheart.

Mikaela Mayer and Lucy Wildheart face off Saturday afternoon at Copper Box Arena in London to serve as the co-main event with Joe Joyce’s heavyweight title fight against Zhilei Zhang. Mayer and Wildheart will hit the ring late in the 4 p.m. hour in a ten-round bout for the WBC interim lightweight title.

Wildheart is a last minute replacement for Christina Linardatou. The British Boxing Board of Control declined to license Linardatou due to a permanent lens issue in Linardatou’s eye. She’s had the issue her whole career and this same board licensed her in 2019, so it’s unclear what is going on.

Whatever the reasoning, Wildheart gets a huge opportunity against the returning Mayer. This marks Mayer’s first bout since losing a split decision to Alycia Baumgardner with the junior lightweight undisputed title on the line. Mayer is moving up in weight now and looks to get back on track in this interim title bout.

Mayer comes into the bout as the favorite at DraftKings Sportsbook. She is a -4000 favorite while Wildheart is a +1100 underdog. A Mayer decision is -265 and a Mayer stoppage is +200. A Wildheart decision is +2000 and a Wildheart stoppage is +2500.

We’ll provide round-by-round scoring until an outcome is determined.

Mikaela Mayer vs. Lucy Wildheart round-by-round results

Round 1: Mayer 10-9

Mayer comes out aggressive aiming a nice jab at Wildheart. Mayer lands a nice right hand over the top. Also doing a good job of working on the body. Mayer more busy, Wildheart keeping up but not really connecting.

Round 2: Mayer 10-9 (Mayer 20-18)

Jab to the body followed by an overhand right connects again for Mayer. Wildheart responds with a nice right hand of her own. Right hook to the body and a short left hook connects for Mayer to end the round, she’s in control here.

Round 3: Mayer 10-9 (Mayer 30-27)

Good round for Wildheart as a quick exchange mid way and we’ve got some fireworks here in the co-main event. Wildheart getting better over time, landing more solid punches. Mayer still sticking the jab and punches to the body. Slight edge for Mayer.

Round 4: Mayer 10-9 (Mayer 40-36)

Mayer and the straight left hand going to work here. Also keeping on the body of Wildheart, Mayer seems to be firing at a faster rate. Nice right hand response from Wildheart, but Mayer lands a nice left hook back on the grill of Wildheart.

Round 5: Mayer 10-9 (Mayer 50-45)

Mayer with a nice right hook to the body, which hurts Wildheart momentarily. Mayer dodges two lefts from Wildheart and delivers a nice left hook to the body. Another overhand right connects and Wildheart taking a lot of punches, however, she needs to speed up her counters to deliver any significant damage.

Round 6: Mayer 10-9 (Mayer 60-54)

Mayer opens the round with a sharp right hand, followed by a nice body shot to the rib area of Wildheart. Left hook and overhead right combination the go to for Mayer. Wildheart’s right hand sticks Mayer, but not enough power behind it.

Round 7: Mayer 10-9 (Mayer 70-63)

Mayer coasting along here, firing off a double left jab to start out the round. Wildheart getting outworked on the punches and seemingly doing all she can, but Mayer on another level.

Round 8: Mayer 10-9 (Mayer 80-72)

Mayer gets back to the body to start out the round, fires a nice hook to the body. Mayer connecting on all cylinders, as Wildheart showing a nice chin here. Mayer’s strength and ability to land timely shot the key to this fight so far. Wildheart uses her head and the ref steps in to deliver her a warning.

Round 9: Mayer 10-9 (Mayer 90-81)

Mayer putting on a masterclass, continuing to pour on the punches. Wildheart needs a miracle knockdown or two to even sniff a chance here. Mayer once again a nice straight left after she comes by with a right hook. Wildheart taking a lot on her chin.

Round 10: Mayer 10-9 (Mayer 100-90)

Mayer all the way, did a great job of eluding an early Wildheart flurry. Blood now emerging from Wildheart’s mouth. The two tie up momentarily, Mayer then presses forward and lands a nice left hook. She’s in full control and has doubled up Wildheart’s punch total.

Mayer UD-10 (100-90)