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Why the Celtics won’t win the 2023 NBA championship

Here’s why Boston won’t be able to lift the 2023 title.

The Boston Celtics are arguably the best team in the NBA. However, they’re tough to get a read on as they play up and down to competition. The good thing for them is that they won't play any bad teams in the playoffs.

Jayson Tatum’s NBA Finals struggles last season are the biggest scare for me. Tatum is one of the NBA’s biggest stars, but he has moments where he disappears. The Celtics cannot afford to have their top scorer score less than 15 points on 18+ shots. Jaylen Brown is expected to be good to go for the playoffs, but Tatum will have to be ready to lead this team through every round, including the finals if they make it.

Another big issue is the Celtics' offense in general. They lack a knockdown shooter and it’s been clear. Late in games, they have times where they get into scoring droughts and that can hurt them in a big way in the playoffs. If Tatum plays like he did in the big moment of the NBA Finals last year, the Celtics will be in a world of trouble.