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Dan Snyder sells Commanders for $6.05 billion, per report

The Washington Commanders have new ownership.

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UPDATE: The deal appears to finally have all the requisite legal finishing touches to move forward. We all knew the league would push this through to get Dan Snyder as far away from the NFL as possible.

UPDATE: Josh Harris’ investment group has come to an agreement to buy the Washington Commanders for $6.05 billion.

UPDATE: The Commanders are going to be sold, but there are still two buyers in the mix, per ESPN’s Adam Schefter. It appears to be a race between the Harris group and billionaire Steve Apostopolous.

Ding-dong the witch is dead! The Washington Commanders have new ownership, automatically gaining hope and respect again by subtracting now former owner Dan Snyder from the equation. The new owners, per Sportico, which include Magic Johnson and 76ers co-owner Josh Harris, paid $6 billion for the right to control one of the 32 NFL franchises. They do get one that is in rebuilding mode, but with a historically rabid fanbase, a likely new stadium, coach, and high draft picks, a turnaround is a real possibility under better management.

The problems with Dan Snyder are well documented, both on a personal and organizational level. The Commanders are better without him for many reasons, but they still have a lot of work to do on the field. Since Snyder took over in 1999, Washington has won two playoff games and had a regular season record of 164-220. Before Snyder got a hold of the Commanders, the team won 250 games to 169 losses, while winning three Super Bowls and playing in five total.