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CJ Stroud visiting the Raiders, Colts and Lions

Ohio State’s CJ Stroud will meet with multiple teams ahead of the NFL Draft.

Quarterback CJ Stroud of Ohio State speaks to the media during the NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium on March 3, 2023 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The NFL Draft is inching closer and that means teams are doing their due diligence on draft prospects. That means that those teams near the top of the draft will need to take a close look at the top quarterbacks even if they likely won’t be available for them to pick.

Ohio State’s CJ Stroud is clearly in the top two quarterbacks in the draft, with many believing he will go to the Panthers with the first pick and if that doesn’t happen and Bryce Young gets the nod, the Texans will likely take Stroud. But, there are plenty of scenarios, unlikely as some may be, that has a player like Stroud not get selected in the first two picks. Or, we could even see the Texans trade back with a team who wants Stroud if the Panthers don’t take him.

Those possibilities mean that teams need to be on top of all scenarios that have a chance to play out. The latest reports have Stroud visiting with the Las Vegas Raiders on Tuesday, who pick seventh overall.

Stroud has worked out with the Colts and will visit them again later this week. He’ll also visit with the Lions, who hadn’t been connected to him until Tom Pelissero’s report. He has of course had meetings with the Panthers and Texans, while the Seahawks and Falcons have talked with him at the combine and sent representatives to his pro day.

Stroud likely will hear his name called within the first two picks, but if not, other teams will be ready to pounce.