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DK Nation takes a stab at predicting ‘Scream 6’

Get it? We’re taking a stab at some predictions. The DK Nation staff tries to figure out who the killer is in the latest slasher franchise installment.

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Movie studios love their low-cost, high-earning properties, so we are here again with another Scream sequel for slasher fans. Before Scream VI hits theaters on Friday, there’s a time-honored tradition with any of these films to guess who the killer will be.

At DraftKings Nation, our Senior Managing Editor Benjamin Zweiman and Pop Culture Editor Murjani Rawls attempt to play a game of Clue and guess who the killer will be for Scream VI.

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MR: Well, it’s not going to be Gale. It’s not going to be Kirby, either. I think that would be a little too obvious. It won’t be Sam because the new trilogy is teasing a slow turn in looking back to her lineage. Maybe that full circle moment happens in a possible Scream VII. No, it's not going to be Stu, either.

Scream VI’s motive comes from somebody (or people) who idolize the works of other killers, and it would be easy to pin it on Mindy (because she’s the Randy character). However, we already have a cop figure with Kirby in the FBI. I’m looking right at Detective Bailey – I suppose we need someone to replace officer Dewey. However, I don’t know. I got an eye on him out of the new cast of characters.

BZ: Admittedly, I’ve been way too deep into theories about who the killer will be and it’s been difficult to make a concrete assessment. My initial feeling was it has to be Laura Crane (Samara Weaving), though she isn’t prominent in the trailer at all and could be the opening death scene given she’s a bit more high-profile actress and Drew Barrymore in the original Scream.

I also thought there would be some link back to Stu Macher (and I still think that’s the direction this franchise is headed). We know that Scream 3 was initially written to have Stu coming back as the killer but real-life events forced the studio to adjust. We know in 5cream Stu’s nephew Vince was murdered by Ghostface. They wouldn’t bring back a relative of Stu’s for no reason. I don’t think the killer in this movie is Stu but is he behind the scenes pulling the strings and will show up in a post-credit scene?

I predicted for Scream 5 that the killers would be Amber (Mikey Madison) and Tara (Jenna Ortega). I was half right (or was I full right?). My pick for the killer in Scream 6 is going to be Tara, who we find out was also in cahoots with Amber and Richie (Jack Quaid) in the previous film. Sam (Melissa Barrera) was suspicious of her sister at the end of that movie. Tara was Amber’s best friend and survived the opening kill scene for a reason. Tara’s inhaler was also the reason Sam, Richie and Tara went to Amber’s in the first place.

So I think Tara is involved in this one and is perhaps one of the leaders of this Ghostface Cult being theorized by fans involving Stu. If Stu is alive, he must have been in jail for most of the time between the first movie and now. We’ve seen this happen a lot in pop culture where serial killers are glorified and have fans sending them all types of crazy stuff in jail. We know Amber and Richie were radicalized by online forums. Perhaps this online forum is where the Ghostface Cult lives.

So give me Tara and Ethan (Jack Champion) as her accomplice/lapdog.