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AEW Revolution could mean an interesting change in course for the women's world championship

Will they go with Jamie Hayter, Saraya, or Ruby Soho? AEW has a decision to make.

All Elite Wrestling

On the AEW Revolution card, you have the AEW heavyweight, tag, TNT, and trios title all being defended (where’s the love for Jade and the TBS title?) However, in my opinion, the most intriguing match is the triple-threat women’s title match between Jamie Hayter, Sayara, and Ruby Soho. There are a couple of routes AEW can go in this match – a couple of good and one could be..let’s say it’ll be a shakeup.

The AEW Women’s title is caught between this AEW original vs. freelancers storyline – which hasn’t materialized the way AEW wanted it to. The heel turn from Saraya and Toni Storm felt like it came out of nowhere, and naturally, Jamie Hayter and Britt Baker became the faces. Ruby Soho has been caught in the middle. If anything, she’s been the steady hand in all this as the renegade who is just looking to win the title.

It’s also weird that Hikaru Shida, one of the catalysts for the Saraya/Storm alliance, is not involved in this match. No matter who wins this triple threat, you must give fans a reason to care about this storyline. AEW has a great women’s roster – it’s time to get others involved outside the core four. What’s going to be interesting is the pick of who wins the title tonight.

Now, Jamie Hayter has been champion for about 104+ days. Other than Britt and Hikaru’s title reigns, the average women's championship title reign has averaged around 150 days. Hayter is one of AEW’s bright young stars who has gotten over with the crowd based on how solid her matches have been. It would be a no-brainer to keep the title on her, where she can continue to work with talent to elevate the title. Also, give Hayter a chance to build her own character outside of Britt. (There is a money feud between Britt and Jamie right there).

Then there’s the Saraya factor. It’s evident that she’s the biggest name in this match, and AEW might have the itch to put the title on her. The thing is that Saraya can’t wrestle regularly, and with the main titles, the champions wrestle consistently. It would be a noticeable shift – besides that, you would be taking the title of a young star. This freelancer story is also another elephant in the room. You may need something big to make that meaningful. That’s the risk you run when you don’t fully allow this to develop.

I suppose you could have Saraya win and, because she’s beaten Britt, have her step up to get the next shot. That is how you can get to Britt/Jamie because they both have a tension point. “You got beaten by Saraya, but I didn’t. So, why do you get the next title shot?” This would be contingent on Jamie not getting pinned, but Ruby. This presents another problem because Ruby has been solid since she’s gotten back from the injury. That said, this match is structured where there are only two choices for you to go.

Would it be great for the person who didn’t choose a side to come away with the title? Yes, it would be a cool wrinkle into this story. But that’s not the way they seem to be going. So, I would keep an eye on the finish and any post-match happenings for this one. It would happen here if there were ever a “shock” booking.