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Welcome to DK Nation’s first annual NXT Stand and Deliver call-up scramble

Who should make the jump to the main roster after the big show? We make a couple of picks.


There is a strong prospect that WWE superstars could shift between the red and blue brands after Wrestlemania 39. Perhaps we’ll also see some NXT players move to Monday and Friday nights. With that in mind, DraftKings Nation has picked some prospects they know who could be making that jump. Stand and Deliver will give us some moments to ponder the direction of NXT post-Wrestlemania.

Until then, DK wanted to pick a few wrestlers we think will be moving onward. Follow along with us.

DraftKings Nation Staff Writer - Nick Simon


Carmelo Hayes - The main event for Stand and Deliver is interesting because the loser of that match is the most obvious call-up candidate after the event. You could flip a coin over whether Bron Breakker or Carmelo Hayes will leave L.A. as the NXT Champion. While Breakker’s reign needs to end at some point, I don’t think it’ll happen at Stand and Deliver.

I feel like there has been more buzz about a potential Hayes call-up, and there have been pictures of him in recent months hanging out backstage at main roster shows. If you remember, Carmelo did wrestle a few dark matches at Smackdown last fall. His charisma and athleticism are undeniable.

He and Trick Williams are getting that call to the big leagues once Wrestlemania weekend is over.

Pretty Deadly - The tag team division is in for a major overhaul once the Usos finally drop the belts at Wrestlemania (or so I predict). We could also see teams like Alpha Academy or the Street Profits go their separate ways once we get past ‘Mania weekend. Both divisions on Raw and Smackdown need an infusion of new energy, and Pretty Deadly fits that to a tee.

These guys have only been part of the company for over two years but already have major accomplishments under their belts, holding both the NXT UK and NXT Tag Team Championships. Their character work has been tremendous and it would work if you could slot them as either heels or babyfaces. Their feud with the New Day at the beginning of the year was a test to see if they were ready, and I think they passed. See you on the main roster, fellas. YEEEESSS BOOOYYY!


Zoey Stark - Despite people labeling her as boring and uncharismatic, Zoey Stark has been a solid hand in NXT for the past few years, and the WWE higher-ups have been high on her. She’s been an underrated part of the NXT women’s division improving over the last six months as she’s put on solid matches with various up-and-coming stars. The women’s division on the main roster needs depth, and Stark will provide that when she gets up there.

Honorable mentions: Indi Hartwell, Alba Fyre, Kayden Carter/Katana Chance, Grayson Waller, Ilja Dragunov, Tyler Bate, Wes Lee

DraftKings Nation Culture Editor - Murjani Rawls


Bron Breakker - At the time of my writing this, Bron Breakker would have been NXT champion over two title reigns for 400+ days. He’s the second-longest reigning champ in NXT history and has run through a pantheon of challengers. I don’t know if you can take the NXT crowd into play, but they’ve started to boo him.

The “passing of the torch” moment is the upcoming match with Carmelo Hayes. It’s time for Melo to reign supreme in the brand for a while, and Bron has done all he can do. He was the first pillar of NXT 2.0, and it’s time for him to graduate.

Roxanne Perez: Here me out on this one. I think Roxanne is ready to move up to the main roster. NXT has had a commonplace thing where they have long-reigning champions. However, as you see in the case of Bianca Belair, not everybody needs one to succeed. Roxanne had her crowning moment and had a good couple of matches under her belt.

If she stays, there’s the potential to revisit a feud with Cora Jade and another one with Tiffany Stratton. Some wrestlers don’t need to stay in NXT for a year or two. The main roster needs an infusion of energy, and Roxanne moving up to a RAW/Smackdown would be just what the doctor ordered.


Tyler Bate: Do you realize that Tyler Bate is only 26? It feels like he’s been in NXT UK and NXT for years and accomplished a lot. (the first inaugural United Kingdom Championship). It was great to see him back, but the Chase U thing feels like it’s spinning his wheels a bit. This guy went toe-to-toe with Gunther and needs to be built up to the likes of “the Big Strong Boy.” They’ve done wonders with Imperium and Butch/Pete Dunne – there’s no reason the same can’t happen with Tyler.