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The ‘AEW: All Access’ trailer foreshadows the company diving into its controversy in the name of good television

The wrestling company’s reality show will premiere after Dynamite on March 29th and noting seems off limits.

Wrestling: AEW Dynamite Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

If there is anything AEW loves, it’s a good ole’ worked shoot – blurring the lines between what’s a storyline and the real. The first trailer for the wrestling company’s new reality show, AEW: All Access, seems to be leaning all the way into this with the minute of footage given.

First things first, we have a premiere date. The show will air on March 29th after AEW Dynamite, and it seems we are getting into the gritty details of many First, we’ll get to Adam Cole’s struggle with concussions and possible retirement (glad he’s back and healthy). It also looks like fans will get a look into the Thunder Rosa/Britt Baker tension during the pause in her title reign, the confrontation that happened with Sammy Guevara and Eddie Kingston backstage, Ruby Riot’s accidental injury at the hands of Taynara Conti, and yes, the fallout to the All Out scrum. I

How deep will the show reveal how the food gets made, and is this a good idea? At least it will make for an entertaining watch.