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Who will be the victor of ‘Succession’ ahead of the show’s final season? Let’s take a guess

It’s a game of chess and all the players are set for the HBO show’s finale. Who will come out on top?

Claudette Barius/HBO

Who will win “Succession?” It’s the question we’ve been asking since the HBO hit show premiered in 2018.

Like any good power struggle, there are plenty of candidates, from Logan Roy’s children — Roman, Shiv, Connor and Kendall — to the traitorous Tom Wamsgams, the lovable idiot Cousin Greg, or Logan himself.

The final season of “Succession” will need to nail the landing, unlike another HBO show “Game of Thrones,” to cement itself as one of TV’s greatest shows, and getting the successor right will play a big part in its final rankings in the pantheon of TV.

Here we’ll make our prediction for who will emerge victorious at the end of this brilliant show.


There’s almost no chance that the on-again, off-again drug addict will fulfill his legacy from the first episode. It’s far more likely that Kendall won’t make it out alive this season than him taking over as the CEO of Waystar Royco.


Let’s be honest: Roman taking control of Waystar Royco would be the most entertaining option here — in an Elon Musk taking-over Twitter kind of disaster that you can’t take your eyes off of.

While he’s a certified “sicko” with a delightfully dirty vocabulary, Romulus has proven to be rather deft at negotiating deals and reading people. He’s also the only member of the Roys to have an inkling of empathy, too. And that’s probably why he will never take over. Oh, and all those dick pics.


Shiv has made it clear that she wants to run the company, and would probably be the least disastrous of the Roman clan. However, Shiv has proven time and again that she doesn’t have the killer instinct that Logan covets. She allowed her soft spot, if you can call it that, for her husband Tom to derail her attempt at a takeover. She’ll probably be too preoccupied with revenge now than actually taking control.


A goofy outsider turned traitor, Tom Wamsgans shot up the power rankings after snitching on his wife to his father-in-law in the Season 3 finale. It was a tremendous glow-up for a guy who was once referred to as the company’s Christmas tree. He went from potentially going to prison to possibly being in Logan’s inner circle. Tom’s betrayal of Shiv has sadly put too much figurative blood on his hands and it’s more likely we’ll see Tom’s downfall this season.


As much as the Con-Heads would love to see this, there’s almost no way that Logan’s firstborn will be the last man standing of the Roys. He’s got his sights set on something higher: President of the United States. We’ll see how close to reality “Succession” really gets with his ascent.


We’ve been counting out Logan since the very first episode, and like an incredibly rich cockroach, he just won’t die. There’s a very real chance that Logan will continue to play chess while everyone else plays checkers, but his health and back-stabbing will probably get the best of him.

Of course, this could be a Greek Tragedy where nobody wins. But there is one rightful heir...

Cousin Greg

While Greg didn’t exactly cover himself in glory while testifying in front of Congress in Season 2, he’s proven to be ruthless, in his harmless and clueless kind of way, while being able to read the tea leaves and hitch his wagon to the right powers that be. Just go back to the first episode where Cousin Greg — after getting high and puking in his mascot ensemble and being fired — found his way into Logan’s good graces and was the one member of the family who actually got through to the patriarch.

Cousin Greg is in a much stronger position following the Season 3 finale after making a “deal with the devil” in the show’s true love story — Greg and Tom — but, sadly, we will probably see their breakup in the final episodes. Still, the bumbling yet iconic Greg has shown he’s got the chops for the job, in his own way.

Bet on Cousin Greg as the man to take over Waystar Royco as “Succession” sadly ends.