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How many perfect brackets are left after Purdue loss to Fairleigh Dickinson

We go over how many perfect brackets remain after the biggest upset in 2023 March Madness.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament First Round-Purdue Vs Fairleigh Dickinson Joseph Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports


After No. 16 Fairleigh Dickinson shocked No. 1 Purdue on Friday, there are no perfect brackets left in ESPN’s tournament challenge. There were just 22 still unblemished prior to the stunner.

This will go down as one of the wildest first rounds in NCAA Tournament histories and significant damage has already been done to brackets across to country. It began with No. 13 Furman taking down No. 3 Virginia on Thursday and carried over later that afternoon with No. 15 Princeton toppling No. 2 Arizona. Naturally as more teams were eliminated, more perfect brackets were ruined, with less than 700 still unblemished heading into Friday’s action. And with only a handful of perfect brackets heading into Friday afternoon, Purdue’s loss officially finished it off.

Going beyond the angle of perfection, there are many brackets that are straight up ruined by this result. 15% of ESPN users had Purdue in the Final Four with 7.9% having the Boilermakers winning it all. Ouch.