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How to watch March Madness on a cell phone

You might be sneaking in the games at work, or just away from a TV during the best sports weekend of the year.

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Grand Canyon guard Walter Ellis takes a photo during an NCAA Selection Show watch party at GCU Arena in Phoenix on March 12, 2023.  Michael Chow/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK

The NCAA Tournament is one of the best events in sports, but not everyone can sit at home or in a bar glued to all 48 games from March 16-19 during the first four days of action.

Fortunately the NCAA and CBS have made all the games available pretty easily, with the March Madness Live app to anyone using just a cable or streaming login, and providing full coverage of the entire tournament. You will have to have a subscription to either a cable TV or streaming package however, but if that’s not something you have for now there’s always another solution.

You can try Paramount Plus for free for seven days, and afterwards it’s $9.99 a month. But hypothetically you can cancel after the first four days of March Madness and pay nothing. Once that seven-day trial runs out, you can move right to a DirecTV streaming trial, or a FuBo trial, or plenty of other options as well. As long as you keep signing up canceling, you can watch as much of the tournament as you wish for free.

But maybe go with Hulu Live, because they are embracing this strategy fully by telling people they can cancel as soon as the tournament is over, and you have to respect their honesty about it.

Just don’t forget to cancel. And if you are going to forget, use Paramount Plus as the $10 you’ll lose on the first month is a lot cheaper than the other options out there.