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Busch Light crosses over with Sarah McLachlan in amusing commercial for Super Bowl 57

The singer-songwriter brings a new meaning to “shelter” when it comes to surviving the outdoors.

TORONTO, ONTARIO - JULY 11: Sarah McLachlan performs at Budweiser Stage on July 11, 2022 in Toronto, Ontario. Photo by Jeremychanphotography/Getty Images

When it comes to surviving the great outdoors, the Busch Guide has three key requirements: food, drink, and apparently Sarah McLachlan. Actually, the last requirement is “shelter”, but the singer-songwriter brings a new spin to the word in Busch Light’s Super Bowl 57 commercial.

The TV spot features the “Busch Guy” introducing the Busch Guide: Cold and Smooth Survival Skills. After running through requirements one and two, the Busch Guy has a puzzling encounter with McLachlan as “Angel” begins to play in the background.

After the musician begins her well-known ASPCA speech, the Busch Light spokesperson quickly counters, “Wrong shelter Sarah. Also, that’s a wolf.”

Check out the full Super Bowl spot below:

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