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Which records are unlikely to be broken in Super Bowl 58?

We take a look at a few single game Super Bowl records and examine why they will not be broken in 2024.

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The Super Bowl has seen plenty of impressive single-game records over the years, and some of those have held up for decades. While some of those individual records are breakable, others are unlikely to be broken anytime soon. We’ll go over those seemingly cemented records below.


Passing yards in a game: 505, Tom Brady
Completions to start the Super Bowl: 9, Eli Manning
Consecutive completions in a game: 16, Tom Brady
Fewest attempts/completions by a winning quarterback, 7/6, Bob Griese
Longest pass: 85 yards, Jake Delhomme to Muhsin Muhammad
Highest yards per pass attempt: 14.7, Terry Bradshaw
Most touchdown passes in a half: 4, Steve Young & Doug Williams
Most touchdown passes in a game: 6, Steve Young

Bradshaw’s record of highest yards per pass attempt has been around four about four decades. It really feels like that record isn’t going anywhere. Quarterbacks nowadays have too many short passing attempts as a means to move the chains. It would be truly surprising if this record gets broken.

Steve Young threw six touchdown passes in 1995. His predecessor, Joe Montana, had five touchdown passes in 1990. No other quarterback has thrown for more than four scores in a Super Bowl. Young’s half-dozen touchdown passes have proven difficult to beat for over 25 years. That will continue to be the case moving forward.


Most rushing yards in a game: 204, Timmy Smith
Longest run: 75, Willie Parker
Most rushing touchdowns game, 3 Terrell Davis
Highest yards per carry (10+ attempts): 10.5, Tom Matte
Most team yards rushing: 280, Washington

It’s doubtful that the first two rushing records on this list will be broken anytime soon. In the last two NFL seasons, only three players have recorded 205+ rushing yards in a game. It’s unlikely a passive running defense will make it to the Super Bowl, so the most rushing yards and longest run records seem safe for now.


Most receptions in a game: 14, James White
Most receiving yards in a game: 215, Jerry Rice
Most receiving yards in a game for a tight end: 116, Rob Gronkowski
Most receiving touchdowns in a game: 3, Jerry Rice (twice)

Yet again, the first two receiving records on this list seem safe for Super Bowl 57 as well as years to come. Putting White’s 14 receptions into context: only one player has recorded more than 14 receptions in a game over the last two seasons. That was Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR Chris Godwin, who accomplished the feat in 2021. It would be truly shocking if a player posted 15 catches in a Super Bowl.

Furthermore, only three players have recorded greater than 215 receiving yards in the last three seasons. It only happened once per year over that span. Using that precedent, a breakout performance of that magnitude is unlikely in the Super Bowl.

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