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Emanuel Navarrete vs. Liam Wilson: Live updates, round-by-round scoring, winner

Emanuel Navarrete and Liam Wilson are facing off on Friday, February 3 in a junior lightweight bout. We’ll be updating round by round.

Emanuel Navarrete v Eduardo Baez Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

11:37 p.m. update, Emanuel Navarrete is making his way to the ring, ready for a chance to become lightweight world champion.

Emanuel Navarrete (36-1) and Liam Wilson (11-1) face off on Friday, February 3 in a lightweight title bout. The vacant WBO title is on the line in an ESPN card taking place at Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale, Arizona. The preliminary card airs on ESPN+ and the main card airs on ESPN.

Navarette is making his debut in the junior lightweight class and looks to earn a major title in a third weight class. He first claimed a junior featherweight title in 2018 and then moved up to claim a featherweight title in 2020. Wilson has been fighting in the junior lightweight class for much of his career. He’s coming off a June win over Matias Carlos that earned him the vacant WBO International title.

Navarrete is a -1600 betting favorite at DraftKings Sportsbook, while Wilson is a +800 underdog. The favored winning method is a Navarrete stoppage at -280. That’s followed by a Navarrette decision at +320. A Wilson stoppage is +1200 and a Wilson decision is +1600.

We’ll be provided live updates throughout the fight with round-by-round scoring below.

Emanuel Navarrete vs. Liam Wilson round-by-round results

Round 1: Wilson 10-9

Wilson coming out aggressive as Navarrete getting off to a pretty common slow start. Navarrete lands a couple of nice counters as the round progresses. Wilson must be careful and check his approach moving forward, allowing Navarrete to counter clean.

Round 2: Navarrete 10-9

Navarrete’s hand speed is superior and Wilson looking a little uncertain in his throws. The early counters set the tone and now Navarrete picking and choosing his spots more effectively. Navarrete strikes! He’s on the attack to end an impressive round.

Round 3: Navarrete 10-9

Wilson again pressing, but Navarrete in full control. Landing comfortably, Wilson putting together a few of his own. Navarrette finishes the round with a clean hit.

Round 4: Wilson 10-8

Navarrete mixing it up and confusing Wilson. Then WOW Wilson with a shocking combo and down goes Navarrete! The massive underdog has landed a huge flurry to end the round. Navarrete’s first time touching the canvas in his career.

Round 5: Navarrete 10-9

Navarrete responds with a nice bounce back round. He is slowly regaining his legs and Wilson hunting, looking to land the same left hook that dropped the champ last round. Navarrete looking good to end the round here.

Round 6: Wilson 10-9

Wilson content with a 10-8 round it seems, but he’ll need to keep the foot on the gas. Navarrete back on the prowl, nice combination connects to the body of Wilson. Wilson lands another power punch on the chin of Navarrete and he’s hurt again!

Round 7: Navarrete 10-9

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Emanuel Navarrete fires it up a notch. Fantastic ability to deal and strike, he’s heating up. Navarrete might’ve caught his second wind!

Round 8: Navarrete 10-9

Wilson not the busier fighter, as Navarrete pressing the issue and getting anything he wants. Can Wilson withstand these flurries any longer? This one scheduled for twelve and the champion is gaining the momentum once again.

Round 9: Navarrete 10-9

Oh my what a right hand by Navarrete that drops Wilson! Wilson is wobbly and HURT. Blood falling from his nose, Navarrete has spaghetti legs and the ref calls it, wow what perseverance for Navarrete! He deserves this championship, what a spectacular main event.

Navarrete wins TKO-9 (1:57) over Wilson