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Super Bowl 57 tickets pricing update for Friday, February 3

We’re nine days from The Big Game. Are ticket prices moving up or down?

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Patrick Mahomes won Super Bowl 54 with the Kansas City Chiefs. Sam Greene/The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK

We are just nine days from Sunday, February 12 in Glendale, Arizona, site of Super Bowl LVII. And while we do know that the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles will face off for the Lombardi Trophy, what we don’t know is how much fans will pay to watch it.

Ticket prices will be through the roof at the home of the Arizona Cardinals. Prices usually start in the mid-four figures, and get into the five figures for the best seats. But it’s (slowly) staring to move in the direction of those looking to be in attendance.

Super Bowl tickets do have a face value (usually over $1,000 for even the cheapest seats), but by the time most people have a chance to purchase them they are being sold well past that initial cost. Here’s how tickets are distributed:

Super Bowl teams share 35% – 17.5% are given to each team, with the majority of them given to season ticket holders & players.

Host team gets 5% – majority distributed to season ticket holders.

The remaining 29 teams share 34.8% – 1.2% for each team distributed to players, media, partners, etc.

NFL league offices retain 25.2% – tickets are typically sold to partners, media, and sponsors.

Unless you’ve got a connection at one of the above options, you’ll probably be buying admission on the secondary market. Below are five options for buying tickets and where prices sit ahead of the matchup even being settled.

NFL on Location

There are a variety of different packages here, ranging from $5,525 all the way up to $18,275, and that doesn’t include a $1,989 “service fee.” This includes some “Touchdown Club” hospitality for even the least expensive seats, but the cheap ones are in Section 453 as of now, which is the upper corner of the stadium by the scoreboard.


So you might see the cheapest ticket at a mere $4,700 on Ticketmaster and think that’s a bargain! But one small problem; the $1,081 in “service fee” ... per seat!! This kind of bait and fee is something the Biden Administration is looking into for now. What I’d love to know is what the $2.95 “order processing fee” covers that the service fee of 350 times as much doesn’t.


Make sure to click that “include fees” option as well, as it will take the least-expensive ducats from $4,653 each to $6,169 per. They’re happy to give you a 50-yard line slot 10 rows up for a mere $30,469, fees included.


On StubHub we found a pair for $4,698, but you’ll need another $844 per as well as a “service fee.” And fine, but then the $2 fulfillment fee (per ticket!) is the real insult. Why are we paying you to fulfill your only job?


If you want to avoid fees, TickPick offers just one price with everything included. Their tickets as of now start at $5,779, but it’s likely that market will ebb and flow plenty right up until kickoff. But as of now it does seem to be the best price available.

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