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First Ted Lasso trailer hints at eventual Ted-Nate reconciliation

This final season should be an interesting one for Ted Lasso as it looks to tie up its storylines.

The final season of Ted Lasso drops on Wednesday, March 15, and we have our first trailer from Apple TV. We got a teaser two weeks ago announcing the launch date, but it did not include any scenes from the new season. The first full trailer includes a host of clips from throughout the season and offers some teasers as to where storylines might go.

We get quite a few clips of Nate, and he doesn’t look particularly happy in his new job as manager of West Ham United. But the most interesting clip shows Ted and his son, Henry, at a West Ham match, sitting in the stands with Henry wearing a West Ham kit. Nate looks up at them and they wave at him. Given that this is the final season of the show and it has been a show about personal growth, I have to think we see a reconciliation between Ted and Nate before the season is up.

You can watch the full trailer below.