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Wild ending in Maine HS basketball game sees four lead changes, bad officiating on buzzer-beater

March Madness isn’t limited to college hoops.

The Iowa Hawkeyes and Michigan State Spartans had a dramatic finish Saturday. Maine’s Thornton Academy and Bonny Eagle added to that with a thrilling ending of their own.

If you thought the lead changes, buzzer beaters and bad officiating of March Madness was limited to college basketball, think again. We’re a few days away from the best month of the year in hoops and these Maine high schools got the spirit going early with a ridiculous finish. Take a look.

There were several clock malfunctions during the layups that were exchanged prior to the buzzer beater, so there’s no real way to tell exactly what counts as a bad call on the game’s final play. However, you can clearly the ball in the shooter’s hands as the backboard hits double zeroes. Given this was a regional final of the state basketball tournament, you can bet there will be a lot of upset fans.