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If you blink while watching the ‘M3GAN’ unrated cut, you might miss the changes

Besides a couple more f-words and some details on a couple of the death scenes, it’s pretty much the same ole’ ‘M3GAN.’ That’s still a good thing.

Universal Pictures

Hard to believe we are almost two months through 2023, but one of the pleasant surprises in film so far came from a Sia-singing, Tik Tok-dancing, murderous android named M3GAN. If you couldn’t get enough of the film, then an interview that screenwriter Akela Cooper did with the Los Angeles Times hinted at a “way gorier” unrated version. Well, you’re in luck – the unrated cut of M3GAN was released on Peacock today. The theatrical version is still there, and other than some slight uptick in violence for certain character deaths and a few F-bombs, it’s pretty much the same film.

For example, the jerk of a bully, Brandon, still has his ear ripped off – now the shot is a little longer to see all the tendons. The annoying neighbor Celia still dies at the hands of M3GAN in her garage – there’s a little more added with the powerwasher. There is also a considerable amount of blood in the deaths of Gemma’s boss, David, and his turncoat assistant Kurt. It’s still a good time; if a person has not seen the film, the unrated version would be the way to go.

Watch both versions over on Peacock.