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Cowtown Marathon 2023: Start time, course map, live stream, favorites to win

The 2023 Cowtown Marathon will take place on Sunday, February 26. We break down how to watch, what the course looks look, and who the favorites are to win.

Downtown Fort Worth

The 2023 Cowtown Marathon will be held on Sunday, February 26. It is a huge weekend in Fort Worth, Texas, as there are two 5ks, a 10k, half marathon, marathon and ultra-marathon. The marathon and the ultra marathon are Boston Marathon qualifying events.

Start time

The Cowtown Marathon will start at 7 a.m. CT. If you are coming from out of town, that would be 8 a.m. ET. Competitors must finish in 7.5 hours.

How to watch

The best way to catch the action is going to be in person. Luckily, the event organizers have put together an entire spectator guide. You can also track individual runners.

Course map

The course gets underway at Will Rogers Memorial Center. It is an out-and-back loop, so it will finish at the same place. It is a relatively flat course, and runners will only experience about 150 total feet of elevation change.

A course map can be found here.

Weather via AccuWeather

It looks like it will be a decent day for running if it can stay dry. The high for the day is 76, with a low of 50. The weather description reads “low clouds and warmer,” and there is a 25% chance of rain. The wind could play a factor as it is expected to blow at 14 mph but gust up to 39 mph.

Prize money

The prize purse totals $30,000. It breaks down as follows:

Ultra Marathon 1st = $1,200; Overall Masters & Grand Masters = $200

Full Marathon 1st = $1,500; 2nd = $1,000; 3rd= $600; Overall Masters & Grand Masters = $600

Half Marathon 1st = $1,200; 2nd = $750; 3rd = $400; Overall Masters & Grand Masters = $400

10K 1st = $500; 2nd=$300; 3rd = $200; Overall Masters & Grand Masters = $200

5K 1st = $300; 2nd=$200; 3rd = $100; Overall Masters & Grand Masters = $200

1st Place in all age divisions = $50 each

Who won the last race?

The 2022 race was won by Joseph Darda, who finished in 2:27:55. Scott Preston finished in 2:48:02 to take second, and Zachary Smith was right on his heels in 2:48:05.

The fastest women’s finisher was Annifer Flores in 2:59:29. Christine Hickson (3:14:32) finished in second place, and Anna Hailey (3:18:43) took third.