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XFL pass/run ratio for Week 1

We take a look at XFL total plays and pass/run ratio for Week 2 DFS.

Jack Coan #16 of the San Antonio Brahmas shows a pass against the St. Louis Battlehawks in the first quarter at the Alamodome on February 19, 2023 in San Antonio, Texas. Photo by Ronald Cortes/Getty Images

The first Week of the 2023 version of the XFL is in the books. When trying to figure out which teams to defer to for fantasy and DFS players we often look toward how often they pass the ball versus run it and how many plays they can run in one game.

With DFS games allowing us to play just one running back, while wide receivers have bigger upsides, we’ll want to focus in on the pass heavy teams that play a fast pace for the most part. There are always exceptions, but the more opportunities across the board, the better.

Game flow also needs to be taken into consideration, as teams with big leads will be more apt to slow down their pace and run the ball more. But we can still get a decent idea of how a team will run their offense with the overall numbers.

The pass heaviest team by a country mile were the Seattle Sea Dragons, who passed 76.7% of the time with June Jones as the offensive coordinator. It was a close game and they ended up losing, but we can expect them to continue to pass a ton. They also had the second-most plays with 73.

The team with the most total plays were the San Antonio Brahmas, who didn’t pass nearly as much as the Sea Dragons, as they ran the ball 52% to passing it 48%. The good news is that played at a fast pace despite leading for much of the game, but I would like to see more before making too many assumptions.

The D.C. Defenders were by far the most run heavy team as most predicted. They ran the ball 61.1% of the time to passing 38.9%. And that result comes in a game they were trailing at points. If they were to get an early lead, we could see even more rushing attempts.

XFL pass/run ratio for Week 1

Team total plays Rush att Pass att Rush% Pass %
Team total plays Rush att Pass att Rush% Pass %
Sea Dragons 75 17 56 0.227 0.747
Vipers 54 15 36 0.278 0.667
Roughnecks 65 20 42 0.308 0.646
Guardians 62 16 39 0.258 0.629
BattleHawks 46 15 26 0.326 0.565
Brahmas 77 39 36 0.506 0.468
Renegades 59 31 25 0.525 0.424
Defenders 54 33 21 0.611 0.389