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Michael Lombardi: Giants should franchise Saquon Barkley, should not pay Daniel Jones $45 million

The Giants quarterback reportedly wants big bucks and Michael Lombardi thinks it would be idiotic to pay him that much.

The New York Giants face big decisions this offseason with quarterback Daniel Jones and running back Saquon Barkley both scheduled to hit free agency in March. The Giants chose not to pick up Jones’ fifth-year option, while Barkley just completed his fifth year with the team after they did pick up his option.

The franchise tag window opened on Tuesday, February 21, and the Giants have until March 7 to use their franchise tag. The team can use one such tag and either designate a player as exclusive or non-exclusive. Debate in New York has centered on which of the two should get the tag. Pro Football Talk reported on Monday that Jones had switched agents and might want as much as $45 million per year. Mike Florio believes this is all moving toward the Giants using their franchise tag on Jones.

Former NFL executive Michael Lombardi thinks that would be a foolish choice and would rather use the tag on Barkley. On this week’s episode of the GM Shuffle, he discussed with Femi Abebefe how idiotic it would be to pay Jones the kind of money he’s reportedly looking for in a new contract. They discussed the system benefits Jones has had and the notion that you can’t play scared in free agency.

You can listen to the Jones segment above, or the full podcast below. Lombardi and Abebefe discussed the Jones situation from 1:35-18:00 and then discussed the following topics:

  • The Packers being “disgusted” with Aaron Rodgers
  • A big debate surrounding if the Bears should trade Justin Fields — Lombardi says yes, Femi says no
  • Eric Bienemy leaving K.C. to go to Washington — Does this mean Ron Rivera will be on the hot seat?



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