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Will Daniel Jones be franchised by the Giants?

We discuss if the New York Giants will use a franchise tag on quarterback Daniel Jones.

UPDATE: The Giants signed QB Daniel Jones to a four-year, $160 million contract. He will get $82 million guaranteed for the first two seasons, which is a strong outcome for a plaer who just had his 5th year option declined the previous season.

The New York Giants are entering an important offseason. 2022’s Coach of the Year Brian Daboll helped perform a one-year rebuild, with the Giants making the playoffs last season. Unfortunately, the offense is in a precarious situation, as both QB Daniel Jones and RB Saquon Barkley are free agents. Jones wants a big payday, which could result in his being franchise tagged to give New York more time to work out an extension.

Jones has said he is looking for $45 million per year in his new deal. I will let you read that again to make sure that you didn’t read $4.5 million and instead read the correct outrageous amount of $45 million per year. He is coming off a season where he threw for 3,205 passing yards, 15 touchdowns and five interceptions with 708 rushing yards and seven touchdowns.

NFL teams were able to start tagging players starting on Tuesday, February 21st, with a deadline of March 7th.

Will Daniel Jones receive the franchise tag in 2023?

There is a higher chance of Jones getting tagged than there is of him getting $45 million per year. The exclusive or non-exclusive franchise tag would only cost the team $32,416,000 for 2023 as opposed to the $45 million that Jones wants. The Giants could let Jones walk and pursue a new direction in quarterback. If the team decided to use the tag on Barkley, it would only cost them $10,091,000 for 2023. New York could likely sign a different quarterback for much less, but if Jones is brought back for 2023, it will likely be under the franchise tag while the two sides work out a more reasonable deal.

Below Michael Lombardi discusses Jones’ next contract with the Giants on The GM Shuffle podcast.