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St. Louis BattleHawks unofficial Week 2 depth chart for 2023 season

We’ve got a look at the depth chart for the St. Louis BattleHawks ahead of their Week 2 contest. We break down relevant details for all your DFS needs.

 A.J. McCarron #10 of the St. Louis Battlehawks prepares to throw a pass against the San Antonio Brahamas at the Alamodome on February 19, 2023 in San Antonio, Texas. Photo by Ronald Cortes/Getty Images

Thursday night update: RB Brian Hill is inactive. Kareem Walker and Mataeo Durant are his backups. Walker saw more snaps than Durant last week, but Durant ended up getting more touches on his limited snaps. Durant’s skill set is one I’d like to throw in a GPP, but he’s risky.

Wednesday update: Pro Football Focus is now doing XFL snap count data! We can use those numbers to update our depth charts, which we have done! Check out the BattleHawks updates below.

The St. Louis BattleHawks were dead in the water for the majority of their game against the San Antonio Brahmas, but they were able to use the XFL rule that instead of a onside kick after a touchdown, they could go for 4th and 15 at their own 25-yard line. They did, and it worked, giving them two touchdowns to end the game with a 18-15 win.

A.J. McCarron could do very little all game, as he was off and was getting a ton of pressure. But, in the end, he came up with some strong passes to lead his team out of their deficit. He has the No. 1 QB job under his control for now.

The running back situation was a little skewed this week, as starter Brian Hill missed some time due to an in-game injury, but he did return and showed why he is their starter. He accumulated 81 yards on six carries and three receptions and was probably the best offensive player on the field.

Kareem Walker was Hill’s direct backup after he was hurt, but we ended up seeing more looks for Mateao Durant. Durant wasn’t able to do much with his touches, but the upside is there if he were to get more chances.

Austin Proehl was the leader in receptions, yards and touchdowns, but we did see Marcel Ateman finally get going in the fourth quarter. I’d still consider him the No. 1, but the lack of pass attempts could be trouble for this passing game. They will likely need to get their o-line shored up so McCarron can get a chance to throw deeper passes.

This depth chart isn’t official and without snap data it is difficult to get a perfect depth chart, but using usage from Week 1 we can at least give a decent approximation of what it should look like moving forward.

BattleHawks unofficial Depth Chart

Depth Quarterback Wk 1 snaps
Depth Quarterback Wk 1 snaps
1 A.J. McCarron 49
2 Nick Tiano
3 Manny Wilkins
Running Back
1 Brian Hill (in-game injury) 21
2 Kareem Walker 21
3 Mataeo Durant 7
Wide Receiver
1 Marcell Ateman 46
2 Austin Proehl 39
3 Darrius Shepherd 48
4 Hakeem Butler 17
5 Gary Jennings 3
6 George Campbell 1
7 Steven Mitchell 0
Tight End
1 Jake Sutherland 17
2 Jovani Haskins 13
3 Jordan Thomas 12
1 Donald Hageman