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The BEER SNAKE has been freed for XFL Week 3

Free the snake!

Fans connect plastic cups in the stands and try to make a beer snake during the Seattle Sea Dragons versus D.C. Defenders XFL football game on February 19, 2023 at Audi Field in Washington, D.C. Photo by Randy Litzinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

March 4th update: The “beer snake” that was shut down by The Man in the D.C. Defenders Week 1 matchup has returned! All is again right with the world.

The D.C. Defenders hosted the Seattle Sea Dragons in Week 1 of the XFL. The game was good, as the Sea Dragons got out to a quick lead, but the Defenders battled back and eventually won 22-18 to take the game and a 1-0 record. But, the game did have its extracurricular activities going on the stands.

The Defenders fans quickly became well know for building “beer snakes” in 2020, the Covid cancelled XFL season. A beer snake, if you don’t know, is a line of empty plastic cups which once contained beer that is now in said beer snake makers’ bellies, and build a snake-like tower up high into the stands. Here is our beer snake coverage from 2020.

So, this season the fans went to continue the tradition, but then tragedy struck! Security at the game stopped the snake, which did not sit well with the fans, who then started throwing lemons on the field.

Where did they get the lemons?

As a direct result of the lemon throwing, or at least coincidentally, the Defenders intercepted Ben DiNucci, returning the ball for a touchdown and setting up a big comeback win.