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2023 3-point contest: Damian Lillard wins 2023 competition with 26 points in final round

We go over who took home the 3-point contest title at NBA All-Star Weekend in Salt Lake City on Saturday night.

2023 NBA All Star - Starry 3-Point Contest
Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers shoots the ball in the 2023 NBA All Star Starry 3-Point Contest at Vivint Arena on February 18, 2023 in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

The 3-point contest will be the second event on Saturday’s All-Star weekend slate, with Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard and Boston Celtics forward Jayson Tatum headlining the competition. Lillard is the odds-on favorite to win the event at DraftKings Sportsbook, listed at +350. Indiana Pacers wing Buddy Hield, who won the event in 2020, is second at +425. Both were previously co-favorites but the public has backed Lillard.

Each participant will have 1:10 to go through the racks. There are five racks, with one rack being an “all money” rack. The other four racks will have four regular basketballs and one moneyball. Regular basketballs are worth one point and the moneyball is worth two points. There are also two “Starry” decals on the court, with one white basketball at each location. Those shots are worth three points.

Here we’ll have live updates, videos and reactions to the 3-point contest at All-Star weekend 2023.

2023 3-point Contest Updates

It’s all over! Haliburton only puts up 17 in the final round, which means Lillard pays out for bettors as the odds-on favorite at +350. The Blazers guard represented Weber State well and gets to take home the 3-point Contest title in 2023. Here’s a look at the full winning round.

Hield, who fell behind Lillard in the odds as bets came in, put up 25 in his final round. The Blazers star puts up 26 to take the lead. Haliburton, who rocked the opening round with 31 points, will have to beat that score.

The hometown hero Lauri Markkanen puts up 20 points, tying him with Tatum. Lillard, who was the favorite to win this event, has eliminated both Markkanen and Tatum with a 25-point showing. It’ll be Haliburton, Hield and Lillard in the final round.

Randle, who was a replacement for Anfernee Simons, took some heat from the commentators for not exactly being a proficient shooter from behind the arc. The Knicks big man put up 13 points, and Tatum is still alive in this competition. Huerter put up eight points, so he’s done too.

Hield managed to get to 23 and Herro followed that up with 18 after struggling to get going. The Heat guard has been eliminated from the event, while Tatum is the next one to go if someone else crosses the 20-point threshold.

Haliburton comes through with 31 points, including some big shots in his final rack to take the lead. Starry will make its donation very early into the night, and the Pacers guard has put up a formidable score. Haliburton was listed at +600 to win this event, so those who bet on him could be looking a a nice payout if he keeps this performance up.

Tatum goes first and puts up a relatively solid score of 20. He struggled in the first two racks, but got hot at the end and hit all his shots on the final rack. Tatum made nine of his last 10 shots in the round but we’ll see if that score can hold up.

Well, this is nice. If any player scores 30+ points in his round, Starry will make a $300k donation to the NBA foundation. It’s cool to see the sponsor for an event make this donation and provide some incentive for the players in the competition to really go for it.