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The best and worst commercials from Super Bowl 57

Here are the best and worst commercials from Super Bowl 57 according to the DK Nation staff.

The Super Bowl is officially a wrap and it was a wild one. The Chiefs beat the Eagles 38-35, winning on a late field goal after a shaky defensive holding call. The game was entertaining, but we also got some highly entertaining commercials. We have a look at some of our favorites from last night, as well as some of our not so favorite ads. You can view all the commercials here, in order of when they aired.

Best commercials

Bud Light - You’ve got a lot of good things here. Universal hatred for customer service and hold music, beer, a dog and an actor who just had a gigantic movie. It’s a fun, relatable spot and doesn’t go overboard with some nonsensical gimmick.

Doritos - Rapper Jack Harlow may have found his true calling in acting. Ahead of starring in the upcoming remake of “White Men Don’t Jump,” the First Class singer drew on the charisma and charm that made him a fan favorite in a Doritos commercial in which he pivots to playing the triangle. The whole world follows the triangle trend.

Dunkin Donuts (M.R.)- If you’re going to do a meme-based ad, this is the way to do it. Ben Affleck working a Dunkin drive-thru and then getting Jennifer Lopez to commit to the bit was pretty funny.

Workday - This is a great ad featuring a lot of well-known people. It fits the same categories as the Bud Light commercial but maybe with less recent notoriety. The term “rockstar” gets thrown around too easily in the corporate world, and the true rockstars deserve to protect their good name through a Super Bowl commercial. It also features some fantastic lines from Ozzy Osbourne and Joan Jett.

Google Pixel - How could you not appreciate the tongue in cheek approach to the need to fix old photos. We got a little unchained melody making us think this would be a sappy memories commercial, and then they flipped the script.

Worst commercials

GM/Netflix (M.R.): Bad mix of products here, Are you trying to sell me a car or are you trying to sell me a Netflix subscription? At the very least if you decide to lock my account to the other people that share it, I can drive around places?

FanDuel’s Gronk Kick - I promise we’re not just saying this because they’re our competitors. The much-hyped field goal barely made a dent and would have been way too easy to miss for all of the buildup. Gronk also missed, the kick did not look live, and the company still gave out the money. So what was it all for?

Tubi (M.R.)- I get what they were trying to go for, but I also imagine a lot of not-tech savvy people thinking that their televisions got hacked into.

TurboTax - I get it; no one likes to do taxes. The mass appeal of this commercial is there without question. However, it’s a bad message to send to everyone out there to pay someone else to figure out your taxes for you. Promoting laziness and irresponsibility might be fun for TurboTax but I’ll bet that guy dancing around the fountain could’ve figured out his tax forms in 20 minutes without needing to pay TurboTax any of his hard-earned money.

Sarah McLachlan/Busch- Beer ads are a staple of the Super Bowl commercial rotation. While we are used to seeing the Clydesdales of Budweiser, we witnessed a different ad for Busch. The message is fine, but Sarah McLachlan’s inclusion, as well as her singing of the “in the arms of the angels” song, triggered too much PTSD of seeing helpless animals.