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TurboTax promoting laziness, financial illiteracy with Super Bowl commercial

Bold message to tell everyone to not do their taxes.

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Look, nobody likes doing taxes. Even people who have a lot of money don’t like forking it over to the government every April. So while this TurboTax Super Bowl commercial surely has good intentions, it’s also a bit of a ridiculous message to send to millions of Americans.

TurboTax Super Bowl 57 commercial

You know what sucks more than paying taxes? Paying someone else to tell you how much you have to pay in taxes. And on top of that, you’re going to trust this TurboTax expert who is incentivized to take as much time as possible on your tax return to give you the most money back? Good luck with that.

Financial literacy was already low in this country, and now we’re allowing a tax service to tell people to not learn how to do taxes so they can protect their industry. It’s nuts.

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