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Kia Super Bowl commercial features father on the hunt for his kid’s binky

Kia promotes its Telluride X-Pro by turning a small parenting dilemma into an all-out action movie.

100th European Motor Show Photo by Sjoerd van der Wal/Getty Images

Kia came through with a funny and charming commercial for Super Bowl 2023. The ad spotlight’s the 2023 Kia Telluride X-Pro while taking a small parenting dilemma and turning it into a dramatized, over-the-top action movie that’s sure to get a few chuckles at the end.

The ad begins when two parents realize they left their child’s pacifier at home. The father races into his Kia Telluride to recover the “binky”. His journey starts to trend on social media (#BinkyDad) with his “rescue mission” turning into a national phenomenon. That’s hardly the high-point of this comedic spin on a car commercial, and you’ll have to watch the full ad below to see whether or not Binky Dad saved the day (or if the day was worth saving in the first place?).

Kia Super Bowl 57 commercial

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