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Maya Rudolph puts her own spin on M&M’s with new Super Bowl 2023 commercial

Award-winning actress, Maya Rudolph, stars in the M&M’s Super Bowl 2023 commercial with fresh ideas on how to rebrand the beloved candy.

Disney’s “Disenchanted” Premiere Photo by Emma McIntyre/GA/The Hollywood Reporter via Getty Images

The fact that M&M’s has a commercial during Super Bowl 57 won’t surprise most viewers. The material in that commercial? Well, that could cause a few eyebrows to raise.

For years, M&M’s commercials have featured the “spokescandies”, but this Super Bowl 57 campaign moves in a different direction. The spokescandies are nowhere to be seen, and award-winning actress Maya Rudolph stars in the commercial. This came amidst criticisms of the “wokeness” behind various M&M characters.

The company decided to lean into the so-called criticisms with its Super Bowl commercials. In a pair of separate ads, Rudolph voices a number of zany changes she’ll make to M&M’s now that she’s running the show. These changes are ... no need to spoil it. Just watch the 30-second video below.

M&M’s Super Bowl 57 commercial

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