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Pringles’ Super Bowl 57 commercial tells you to proceed with caution in trying to get a handle on a chip

Megan Trainor starts in the Kellogg’s Pringles commercial that aired during Super Bowl 57.

Kellogg Will Split Into Three Companies To Promote Growth

There are many things to love about Super Bowl Sunday. It pits the two best teams in the NFL against each other, there is great food to be had, and society has deemed the best commercials to be played. While your Super Bowl spread may not include any Pringles, Kellogg’s still dedicated an entire commercial to their delicious chips.

Whether or not you are a fan of Pringles themselves, you have likely seen that they come in a tall cylinder. If you’re wondering if people get their arms stuck in the containers, this commercial is for you. A man at a birthday party gets his hand stuck, and his grandfather details a lengthy list of people in occupations that have suffered the same fate. From surgeons to lawyers, to bowlers and even pop star Meghan Trainor, getting your hand stuck in the Pringles can be something that affects anyone.

Pringles Super Bowl 57 commercial

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