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Dexcom, Nick Jonas Super Bowl 2023 commercial

Nick Jonas pairs with glucose monitoring company to advertise new device in Super Bowl commercial.

TODAY - Season 72 Photo by: Nathan Congleton/NBC via Getty Images

As anyone who was a preteen girl in the late 2000s knows, Nick Jonas has type 1 diabetes. The family boy band heartthrob and Camp Rock star is partnering with Dexcom, a glucose monitoring company, to market their newest device in a Super Bowl commercial on Sunday.

Jonas advertises the Dexcom G7 in the ad spot, showing the app that pairs with the physical monitor, a patch that he sticks onto his arm in the commercial.

Dexcom feat. Nick Jonas Super Bowl 57 commercial

The webpage advertising the G7 device reads, “Dexcom G7 delivers your real-time glucose numbers 24/7 to your smartphone or smart watch—no fingersticks, scanning, or calibrations required. See your glucose levels and where they’re headed, so you can make smarter decisions about food and activity in the moment, allowing you to take better control of your diabetes.”

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