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E-Trade Super Bowl 57 commercial

We discuss the 2023 Super Bowl commercial from E*Trade that features the talking babies introduced over a decade ago.

 In this photo illustration, an E-Trade (E*TRADE) logo of a financial services company seen displayed on a smartphone and a pc screen. Photo Illustration by Pavlo Gonchar/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Along with the Super Bowl on Sunday comes a new wave of commercials to entertain and delight viewers. E*Trade, which deals with financial investing, cracked the code long ago on the way to ensure that viewers associate your brand with your commercial.

Talking babies.

Yep, E*Trade is the company that put forth humorous commercials featuring babies doing everyday things, such as investing, and then added in adult voiceovers for the perfect mix of humor and reliability. The baby-centric commercials debuted over a decade ago and are making a return for Super Bowl 57.

E*Trade Super Bowl 57 commercial

The company released a teaser aptly tabbed “Save the Date.” It shows our favorite babies ditching the crib and getting ready for a big event, but what could the event be?

It turns out that our E*Trade babies are all grown up. They are seen attending a wedding and again talk about making sure that you’re prepared and set for anything that can come your way in life, at least from a financial perspective. This is, of course, where E*Trade comes in, as they have recently partnered with Morgan Stanely, the multinational investment management company.

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