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Barry Allen is in a race to change his tragic past and messes things up in new ‘The Flash’ trailer

Multiple Flashes, multiple Batmen, a Supergirl, and Zod walk into a Flashpoint. Did we mention Michael Keaton is back?

Warner Bros Discovery

Multiple Flashes. Multiple Batmen. Zod is all of a sudden alive. The DCEU is about to hit a Flashpoint as the first complete trailer from The Flash shows. The first look, directed by Andy Muschietti, gives us a lot to chew on. First off, Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) is looking to go back to the past and change his mother’s tragic death. Unfortunately, that means messing up the timeline – thus, he and a double have to go and make things right.

Yes, Michael Keaton will be reprising his role as Batman, which is very cool to see once again (and having a “say the line, Bart moment). It also looks like Ben Affleck will be coming back along with Michael Shannon as a very alive Zod. Sasha Calle will also star as Supergirl. There’s a lot of controversy surrounding Ezra Miller, and they’re repeated run-ins with the law prior to this film being released. Will it affect the film at the box office when it comes out on June 16th? We will see.