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Breaking down betting splits for 2023 Super Bowl Gatorade color

We examine the betting splits for the Super Bowl Gatorade color over at DraftKings Sportsbook.

Super Bowl LV Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Super Bowl inspires betting like no other event. The game isn’t the only thing up for wagers — the color of the Gatorade that will be poured on the winning coach has drawn plenty of bettors. You might think it’s going to be the color of the winning team, which would explain the yellow-green odds being the lowest available and most popular on which to bet.

However, three of the past four Super Bowl Gatorades have been blue, and Gatorade reported two years ago that Cool Blue is their best-selling flavor. Should this factor into the betting? Blue Gatorade has 17% of the wagers and of the cash wagered ahead of the game, behind orange. The no-Gatorade option at +1200 has a few brave bettors, with 4% of wagers going to that unlikely option.

Here is how the public is betting on the Gatorade color for the winning coach:

2023 Super Bowl Gatorade color betting splits

  1. Yellow/Green: +165 — 44% handle, 33% bets
  2. Orange: +300 — 18% handle, 22% bets
  3. Blue: +400 — 17% handle, 17% bets
  4. Red/Pink: +450 — 8% handle, 11% bets
  5. Clear/Water: +750 — 5% handle, 7% bets
  6. Purple: +750 — 5% handle, 6% bets
  7. None: +1200 — 3% handle, 4% bets

Best Bet: Blue +400

Since the Gatorade color is random, the blue bet seems like the best spot to go after the blue trend over the past several Super Bowls. It’s a better payoff than yellow/green and orange with historical backing behind it. Ultimately, follow your heart on this one, but I like the Cool Blue here.

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