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Who owns the Kansas City Chiefs?

Clark Hunt is the owner of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Kansas City Chiefs v Chicago Bears Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Clark Hunt is the current owner of the Kansas City Chiefs. His father, Lamar Hunt, was a founder of the American Football League which established the Kansas City Chiefs in 1963.

Nicknamed the Texans, this franchise originated in Dallas, Texas. However, the Cowboys were already established in the area, and the Texans drew little interest in the beginning. Because of that, Hunt decided to move the team to Kansas City in 1963, and the franchise was rebranded as the Kansas City Chiefs.

On top of owning the Kansas City Chiefs, Lamar Hunt also helped start Major League Soccer (MLS) while owning the Kansas City Wizards, Columbus Crew, and FC Dallas franchises.

Lamar Hunt died in December 2006. His son, Clark Hunt, has served as chairman and owner of the Kansas City Chiefs since.

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